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PSC Staffing provides comprehensive staffing services to diverse companies in Greenville, MS. If you’re tired of spending your human resource dollars on poor-performing job listings and ineffective hires, it’s time to reimagine your staffing processes.

PSC Staffing helps companies in and around Greenville manage staffing and hiring. With a focus on key industries including construction, warehousing and industrial niches, PSC has targeted and refined its network and its search-and-match process over time and, now, can deliver the exact candidates you need whenever and wherever you need them.

Get in touch to learn more and see how, together, PSC can drive greater personnel success from day one.

Construction Jobs in Greenville, MS

Construction projects can be big jobs requiring massive teams of skilled experts—but, too often, it’s finding and securing those professionals that holds projects back.

At PCS Staffing, we’ll work with you to uncover your specific needs, the types of skills necessary for your projects, as well as your timelines and budget. We aim to provide you with talented professionals to handle the tasks you need from project management to general laborers to specialists needed to get the job done. We’ll deliver targeted—and available—candidates to you fast, all background check and verified before your first review.

Industrial Jobs in Greenville, MS

PSC Staffing is one of the most sought-after industrial staffing agencies in the greater Greenville area. With deep connections and a strong network of local talent, we can help you fill any industrial position—including positions that demand advanced technical skills or specialized equipment training.

Whether you’re searching for your next great entry-level position or an executive-level leader to drive your business forward, we can help. Contact us to learn more and start your staffing search.

Cleaning Jobs in Greenville, MS

As a go-to maintenance staffing agency in Greenville, PSC Staffing works closely with each one of our clients to ensure the right professionals land in your organization. You may need a staff of 10 to clean your office building or hospital, or a single maintenance support hire to ensure the environment is clean and in proper condition 24/7. No matter the need, we’ll work with you to find hires with the right experience, the right training and the right attitude for your business.

Warehouse Jobs in Greenville, MS

Warehouse workers are in high demand in the greater Greenville area, especially as more companies move to e-commerce sales. While it’s a win for prospective employees, finding and securing the right warehouse talent can be challenging for businesses. Not only does every job require a unique skillset, but with so much competition it can be hard to find and engage the people you need to keep your business moving forward. PSC Staffing has a deep network of warehouse connections and contacts, enabling us to find the right people right now. When you work with us, you’ll always have access to warehouse and distribution center experts—people with real-world training and expertise, who can dive right in from day one, with skills ranging from basic picking to extensive logistics and tech management. Get in touch to learn more.

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If you’re looking for the perfect position in Greenville, MS, PSC Staffing can help. We work with companies looking for skilled and entry-level workers in a wide range of fields. Many of them are looking to hire today and offer competitive rates and benefits. Check out our job board now to find available positions or contact us to learn more about available jobs in Greenville.

PSC staffing is lovely from the staff to the jobs they send you to everyone is wonderful I love the staff
Benson Marcus